Other projects
The rest of work that we have made for clients from around the world.

HETI Clicincal Coding

Heti project is a training space application we've created for New South Wales Government (Australia) in collaboration with Small Multiples team. Clinical coding is the translation of written clinical documentation about patient care into code format. The assigned codes and other patient data are used to determine a Diagnosis Related Group (DRG) for the episode of care, which is used to determine hospital funding. This process allows patient needs to be matched to health care resources. Other common uses of coded data include Clinical research and education, Health services planning, Statistical and epidemiological studies and Clinical benchmarking

We've created frontend part, while Small Multiples team from Sydney were responsive for backend part. The project has proven that even such big time difference is not a big deal when the project organization is done correctly.


The BitGym Oculogger project is a tool for advanced analysis of webcam motion during the fitness session.The Oculogger is targeted to fitness market and is a complimentary app to their first BitGym app (BitGym isthe #1 interactive cardio app for phones and tablets).

We have done a project from scratch based on the client’s business requirement. We have prepared userstories and based on that we have done the project very efficiently as mentioned in the written referenceabove.


PathFora project was an additional tool made by GetLytics Inc. company. That’s tool is a new way to nurture, engage and convert prospects into customers.

The client had an idea. We turned his idea into wireframes … after quick feedback loop we have started toworking on designs and development. We have done UX, front-end and backend javascript for the PathFora’s project.